Why Choose BookThatApp

Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose BookThatApp as your online appointment, product rental, or booking solution for your Shopify store:

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Robust Feature Set

We dare you to compare! BookThatApp offers the most features of any product rental, booking, or appointment app in the Shopify marketplace.   With more than a decade of investment into new features, the app supports everything from simple appointment bookings to more complex product rental requirements.  Our development team are experts in the booking and rental space and the multitude of features in the app reflect the deep understanding of this space.   Whether you need basic appointment functionality or need a more complex solution, we are confident that BookThatApp can support your requirements.  Contact us today to find out more!

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BookThatApp is the most flexible booking app available in the Shopify app store.  The app allows you to offer multiple types of booking forms in the same store, perfect for example, if you are running classes and also taking appointments.  Choose from one of our pre-configured booking widgets, or use our embedded booking forms for more flexibility.  If you are an agency or developer, take customization one step further and use the native API to build out a custom solution for your clients. 

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We know that you are looking for a robust system that’s working around the clock for your customers.   This is why we have invested in scalable and redundant infrastructure to ensure the app is up and running when you need it. Our uptime is best in class meaning you can count on BookThatApp to be a stable and reliable booking system for your Shopify store.    

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We take data protection seriously and have built layers of security to protect your customers' data. Data is protected both at rest and in transit by industry-leading security practices.  Concerned about data privacy?  We support data removal requests when requested and all data is securely destroyed when the app is removed.

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Global Support

Booking scenarios and requirements can often be complex.   Our knowledgeable and experienced team is available 24 hours a day Monday to Friday to provide support around the clock to our global customer base.  In addition, our live chat platform provides instant translation allowing you to communicate in your native language. Whether you are in New York,  Shanghai or Dubai, we’ve got you covered!

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Cross-Platform Connection

Are you looking to share your bookings with your employees or third-party suppliers?  BookThatApp offers you the ability to set up staff accounts that can be assigned to products or locations.  It also allows your staff to log in directly to BookThatApp, eliminating the need for staff to access your Shopify store.  Staff accounts also allow you to allow staff to manage their products and bookings. BookThatApp integrates with any calendar that supports the iCal standard and supports a direct connection to a Google calendar.  BookThatApp is also the only app in the Shopify marketplace that offers a direct Zoom integration making setting up virtual events a breeze! 

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App Compatibility

BookThatApp is compatible with Shopify online and Point of Sale (POS) channels, offering a true omnichannel experience.  It also offers optional integrated booking forms that work with most third-party apps, such as product options apps, recommendation apps, and more.   This means you can keep your existing integrations and easily add booking capabilities to your website.  For agencies and developers, we also offer an API that opens up a world of flexibility to design your own front-end solution.