About Us

A Tale of Two Companies

BookThatApp (BTA) was launched in 2009, the same year Shopify officially launched its app marketplace. 

What began as a simple app to assist Shopify merchants with appointment scheduling evolved into the app with the most features among product rental, booking, or appointment apps in the Shopify app marketplace.

BookThatApp is part of Relay Commerce, a suite of e-commerce apps. With a background in e-commerce and a similar vision, BookThatApp joined the Relay family to do one thing well: help e-commerce merchants worldwide scale and grow their business without compromising quality. 

BTA is the only app with bespoke features specific to each type of booking application and the only app to offer multiple types of booking forms to provide tailor-made solutions by industry. This breadth of experience working with Shopify merchants means we can offer the best advice to get started and quickly help you identify a booking solution. 

We are committed to bringing world-class apps to market to support the Shopify community. 

Our mission

To be the world's greatest resource to enable service businesses to scale their operations online.

Our vision

To enable service businesses to deploy enterprise-level booking processes at the push of a button at a fraction of the people, expertise, and tools.

Brand Values

  1. Versatility: We offer a platform that is adaptable to a broad spectrum of business types, from simple appointments to complex booking requirements.
  2. Results: Our functionality, features, and support are all focused on helping service businesses generate revenue with less effort.
  3. Reliability: Over a decade, 7000+ Shopify merchants have trusted our robust booking system. We aim to give confidence to both our users and their customers.


#1 Shopify Appointment Scheduling App


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