Below are some of the questions we've received about Book That App.  If you have additional questions, please contact us via our help desk.

1.    How does the BTA booking sync with the Shopify order?  

When a booking date is chosen on the store, real time availability for the product is verified with BTA.  If the time is available, the slot will show as available.  If the time is not available it will be greyed out and unable to be selected.  Once the booking is processed, Shopify will capture payment and send the customer an order confirmation.  This booking will then display in the Booking Calendar in BTA and the booking date and time will show as unavailable in the Shopify store for future bookings.

2.  Can you see the date and time of the booking in the Shopify Order without having to go into BTA?   

Yes.  When the order is placed, a note is passed with the order that includes the date and time (if applicable).

3.  Can I change a booking time after an order is taken?   

Yes. Go into the booking calendar, select the relevant booking and choose edit.  You can then update the date and/or time of the booking.  You can also email the customer confirmation of the new booking time.  (Note:  The order in Shopify will reflect the original date/time).

4.  What is the difference between a “pending” and “confirmed” order?  

BTA uses the Shopify order payment method to determine if an order is pending or confirmed.  If you have set up your store to “authorize” payment then the booking will show as pending in BTA.  If you have set up your store to “authorize and charge” payment, then the booking will show up as confirmed in BTA.  

If you choose to “authorize” payment, then once you have “accepted payment” in Shopify, the booking status in BTA will automatically change from “pending” to “confirmed”.

5.  Can I restrict the booking period?   

Yes, BTA has a setting called Opening Hours that lets you set the days and times to accept bookings.  The app also has a Blackout Day feature which lets you restrict individual days (ie/ public holidays).  It also offers a lead and lag time that allows you to add time before or after a rental to allow for shipping time.

 6.  Does the Shopify Shopping Cart show the booking details?   

Yes, the date and time of the booking will display under the product name.

7.  What does the customer receive once the order is placed? 

The customer receives an order confirmation from Shopify which will include the date and time of the booking. If a booking is changed after the order is placed, you can send out an email from BTA with the new date and time.

8.  How do I install BTA?

Due to the wide variety of Shopify themes available and the specific characteristics of each theme, Book That App requires a series of installation steps in order to get it up and running. To begin the installation, click on the Installation Guide in the left hand navigation and follow the instructions. If you get stuck on a step, feel free to contact us at http://support.shopifyconcierge.com and we can help. (Note: If you are not technical, BTA can be installed for $75. Installations are non-refundable.)