Experiences Operator Builds Custom UI Using BookThatApp API

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A Sydney based tour & experiences company contacted us for support to build a custom solution to allow independent tour operators to sell tour packages on their aggregator site.   They were interested in creating a marketplace type site where tour operators could independently log in and manage their tour schedules and availability.

Experiences Operator Custom BookThatApp solution

This custom application took advantage of the BookThatApp API to create a bespoke front end booking portal for the tour operators.  The new UI was designed to blend seamlessly into their existing branding with custom workflow, colours and fonts. 

The functionality of the booking portal allowed customers to book individual quantities of tickets for each ticket type (adult vs child).  It also permitted individual tour operators to log in directly to BookThatApp and manage their own schedule and bookings. This included restricting each operator to only view their individual bookings.  A further enhancement was the addition of seasonal rates to support tour operators setting custom pricing depending on the season.

If you are a tour or experiences operator looking to move your bookings online, look no further than BookThatApp.  Contact one of our booking experts today to learn more!