Barbershop Expands to Multi Location Appointments using BookThatApp

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We recently had a Chicago-based barbershop owner contact us to inquire about supporting a multi-location business that needed to take appointments.  

The barber had a fast-growing clientele and was about to expand to an additional two locations in his city.   His existing appointment software didn't support location-based scheduling so he was looking for a new solution.  Further complicating the set-up was that he had staff that worked at both locations and wanted a solution that would allow his staff to manage their own schedule, without the need to allow them access to his Shopify store. 

Multi location appointment bookings using BookThatApp

After seeing a demo of location-based scheduling using BookThatApp, the barber wanted to learn more.  He got in touch with one of our booking experts and we quickly helped him set up his new locations.   Next, he set up staff accounts and assigned each staff member to the relevant location using staff-specific opening hours.  As the final step, each staff member connected their staff account with their personal calendar giving them the flexibility to manage their schedule on demand.  

The end result?  A flexible appointment booking system that allowed his customers to easily choose their preferred location and book online.  The solution also provided the owner a one-stop portal to manage all of his bookings and staff schedules and provided each staff member their own custom view of their personal bookings. 

Want to learn more about multi-location scheduling using Shopify and BookThatApp?  Click on the Chat/Support icon to get connected with one of our booking experts.