Personal Trainer Goes Online Using Native Zoom Integration

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A New York-based personal trainer contacted us looking for a solution to host their personal training sessions and group classes online.  The pandemic meant the gym was off-limits, but they wanted to keep their clients fit and healthy by providing online sessions.  They chose Zoom as their meeting platform of choice and wanted a secure and unique link set up for each appointment and class.  

Personal Training and native Zoom integration using BookThatApp

Using BookThatApp's native Zoom integration, the personal trainer was able to connect their Zoom account directly to BookThatApp.  This allowed them to automatically create a unique meeting ID for each event and include the link in the booking reminder.

The native Zoom integration saved the merchant valuable time by eliminating the need to create a unique meeting ID for every event.  It also increased security by ensuring that each client only received the specific meeting ID for their own event. 

Hosting virtual events and appointments is simple using Zoom and BookThatApp.  Contact our support team by clicking the Chat/Support button to get started today!