Music School Increases Customer Conversion through Waitlist Functionality

Posted by BookThatApp on

A Boston-based music school contacted us looking for a way to capture student details for those who missed out on signing up for a class when the class was sold out.  The school was already taking bookings online, however, their current booking solution didn't support adding students to a waitlist when a class was full.   This meant that the school missed out on filling an empty seat and lost revenue if they had a customer cancellation.   They knew that BookThatApp offered a waitlist function and were eager to see if adding this feature could help maximize revenue. 

Switching to BookThatApp not only provided them a reliable class booking solution,  the native waitlist featured allowed the music school to capture potential customers for classes that were full.  Using this feature allowed them to minimize the impact of cancellations on revenue and ensured that their classes were full wherever possible.  This resulted in a 10% increase in student attendance and a corresponding increase in revenue. 

The waitlist feature also provided a secondary benefit related to future marketing.   For students on the waitlist who weren't able to attend the class of their choice, the music school proactively reached out and offered the customers priority access to the next class.   This in turn increased their overall conversion rate by being able to market to their waitlist.    

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