Tour Operator Improves Efficiency with Automated eTickets

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A New York based tour company contacted us looking for a solution that would provide eTickets to their customers for the various tours that they ran across the city.   While the tour operator was already taking bookings online, their current booking platform didn't offer the option to attach a ticket to the order.  This meant that their staff had to manually email a ticket out to each customer after the booking was received.  

Tour Operator BookThatApp

The tour operator appreciated the native ticket integration offered by BookThatApp.    This integration meant that they could provide a link to the ticket in their Shopify order confirmation as well as send a separate eTicket attached to the booking reminder.  By automating the creation and sending of eTickets to their customers they were able to free up a significant amount of post-booking work.   A further benefit was that customers appreciated being able to download their ticket at any time and use the eTicket to check-in to the tour on a mobile device. 

Our booking experts were able to add further value to the tour operator by setting up automated reminders that went directly to the individual tour guide as well as sending the booking to their personal email.  This meant that the tour guides received instant confirmation when their tour was booked and greatly increased visibility to their bookings. 

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