Customised Reminders for Cooking School

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A Montreal-based virtual cooking school was looking for a booking solution that supported sending a booking reminder that contained unique information for each class.  While their current booking solution supported sending reminders, they could only send a generic reminder that was the same for each class.   As a cooking school, the ingredients and cooking instructions they provided to their students changed based on the class offered,  As such, they required a booking reminder that could be customised for each different class.   

Cooking Class using BookThatApp

Leveraging the flexibility of BookThatApp reminders, the merchant was able to set up product specific reminder templates.  This allowed them to automatically send an ingredient list and cooking instructions to each student prior to the class. The cooking school then took automation one step further by sending out a post-class survey to  to allow users to rate the recipe and the instructor after the class had finished.  

This solution allowed them to create highly personalised email reminders specific to each class and also provided them a valuable source of feedback on areas that they could improve in their class offerings.

If you are a Shopify merchant looking for highly customisable email reminders that can be scheduled before or after an event, then BookThatApp is the solution for you!  Reach out to one of our booking experts now and we'll help you get started.