Custom Booking Solution for Camera Rental Business

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A Chennai-based camera shop was looking for a new camera rental solution. They had quite complicated requirements and were struggling to find a booking application that would give them the functionality they required.  This included the need to keep track of the number of days in the rental period as well as being able to rent multiple cameras at the same time.  They also had unique rental duration requirements that required custom logic.

Camera rental using BookThatApp

They partnered with us to build out a custom booking form that met their full requirements.  The solution involved adding additional functionality to support counting the number of days in the rental period plus the number of cameras requested by the end customer.  We also added custom time picker logic that changed the count of the days based on the time the camera was picked up and dropped off.  

The camera rental shop took advantage of the inherent flexibility of BookThatApp's embedded booking forms to customize their booking experience. This meant that we were able to create a bespoke solution tailored to the merchant's specific needs.   

Do you have unique booking requirements and need a unique solution?  We're here to help.  Reach out to one of our booking experts using the Chat/Support button and let us know what you need.