Utilising BookThatApp's Site Wide Search for Luxury Car Rental Business

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A Florida based luxury car rental company approached BookThatApp looking for a way to improve the rental experience for their customers.  They had an existing booking app that showed availability for a single product at a time, but were looking for a way to show availability across a range of rental cars at the same time.

Car Rental with BookThatApp

Our booking experts provided a demonstration of BookThatApp's site wide search.  This search tool allows a customer to enter a date range and have a list of available products returned that match the search parameters.   This search feature saves the customer from having to click through each individual product to see availability, making the booking process both easier and more efficient.

BookThatApp's search feature turned out to be just the functionality needed for the car rental company.  They switched their booking solution to BookThatApp and added the search feature to their Shopify Home Page as well as Collection page.  The company reported back on increased customer satisfaction and a higher number of bookings after the change.

Are you looking for a booking solution that allows your customers to search for available items across your store? Reach out to one of our Booking Experts today and we'll be happy to show you how to quickly and easily add a site wide search to your Shopify store.