Booking Bundles a Hit For DJ & Sound Production Company

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A Delhi-based DJ & sound production company was looking for a way to create a bundle of rentable products.  They were already a BookThatApp customer using the booking app to rent sound production gear.   Moving forward, however, they were interested in creating a package of rentable products.   

DJ & Sound Production rental using BookThatApp

These booking bundles would allow them to package together various types of DJ and music production equipment and offer customers a discount for renting the bundle.  The challenge however, was that they also needed to continue to rent the individual items alongside the bundles as they didn't want to allocate specific inventory for the bundles. 

Using the native resource feature in BookThatApp, we helped the production company set up equipment bundles that would book out individual components when rented.  The solution also allowed for the individual products to be rented if there was no booking for the bundle product.    The result was increased usage of their assets due to the ability to upsell a bundle, an increased average order size and an important marketing tool to incentivize their customers to rent a bundled group of products.

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