Bike Shop Gets Rolling with BookThatApp

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A Munich-based bike shop reached out to us looking for a booking solution to support their bike rental business.    They were looking for a booking app that would support hourly, daily and weekly rentals.   The challenge they had with their current booking solution is that it could support either an hourly rental or a rental by day or week, but not both.   This limited the rental flexibility for their customers and left them feeling like they were missing some revenue opportunities. 

After discussing their requirements with our team, we set them up using the embedded version of our booking forms.   We built out a custom solution with a dynamic datepicker that supported hourly, daily and weekly rentals.   The datepicker showed a date and time format if an hourly rental was selected and a date range format if the customer wanted a daily or weekly rental.  This allowed the bike shop to increase the options available to their customer and maximise their rental revenue. 

If you have complex rental requirements and need a custom solution, feel free to reach out to one of our knowledgeable booking experts who can help design a solution to meet your needs.  Simply click on the Support/Chat button now!