Award-winning Winery Automates Ticketing with BookThatApp

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An award-winning California winery contacted us looking for a ticketing solution to automate the sign up and ticket process for their wine tastings, events and  accommodation bookings for their onsite guest rooms.   The winery was already selling their wine online using Shopify, so they were familiar with the platform.  However, their ticketing and accommodation booking process was managed over the phone and the winery was looking to automate the booking process to increase customer convenience and minimize labor costs.

Wine Tasting & Events

For the wine tastings, the winery needed the ability to take a single group for any given timeslot, but also limit the tasting group size based on the tasting space selected.   In addition, they needed to ensure that they only offered tastings when they had staff available to host the tasting groups.

For the winery events, the winery needed to be able to sell individual as well as group tickets, offer different ticket experience types as well as being able to limit total capacity based on the venue size.   

For the accommodation bookings, the winery needed to book the different guest rooms, each with unique guest numbers, as well as include add-on items such as breakfast or dinner options. 

The winery ultimately chose BookThatApp as their Shopify booking solution for the ability to manage all three booking scenarios in a single app.  Working closely with the winery, we were able to put in place a solution that met  all of their requirements through a combination of several different booking forms and unique scheduling logic relevant for each scenario.

If you are a winery looking for an online wine tasting, event ticketing or accommodation booking solution, please reach today and we'll be happy to help get you up and running!