Art School Increases Revenue by Partnering with BookThatApp

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A Melbourne-based art school was looking for a solution to expand its class offerings.   While they already had a highly successful business selling classes, the merchant was looking for ways to increase revenue from existing customers by offering multi-day classes.

Booking Courses using BookThatApp and ShopifyAs an existing app customer, they were already successfully using BookThatApp to book single-day classes.  However, the merchant wanted to know if there was anything we could do to support them taking multi-day bookings for courses that spanned several weeks.  Working closely with the merchant on their requirements, we developed a new booking widget to support Courses


The Course widget allows users to set up unique terms, add dates and times for the term and easily display the full schedule to the customer when booking.   The course functionality also creates a unique booking per date so that the merchant can email reminders for each instance of the course.  

The art school was thrilled with the end result.   Their new course capabilities allowed them to greatly expand their curriculum, leading to an increase in both revenue and their customer base. 

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